Peace is the only battle worth waging.

Albert Camus (1913-1960)


“Know what needs to be done to bring the planet
into its peaceful state. We need first to feel the power
of Inner Peace. When we realize the beauty of Peace
within ourselves, then and only then
shall we have ‘A World in Peace’.”

—Robert Vincent Gerard

The Trilogy of Hands of Peace serves as a tool and voice for the people of the world. It provides an educational quest for every individual, family, tribe, community, culture, and nation. Each section of the trilogy delves into the many challenges that arise with the question of who’s accountable for perpetuating Peace. The dialogues offered present a variety of concerns, issues, and petitions from the people to secure a better world and environment for living in Peace.

The Hands of Peace Trilogy has three Volumes. Volume ONE looks into the personal aspects with regard to achieving Peace. This volume divides itself into three sub-parts, which further clarifies the personal aspects and includes (a) looking within, (b) the power of Peace, and (c) Free Will and Peace.

Volume TWO delves into the social aspects for achieving Peace. It also is divided into three sub-parts that highlight the social connotations, which need to be understood. They include (a) the personal perspectives for social change, (b) institutional and governmental aspects for change, and (c) universal considerations for change.

Volume THREE of the Trilogy brings the reader into the heart and true purpose of the DNA Activation for “A World in Peace.” This volume provides the instruments for change. It is the “How-to” and application section that provides an numerus techniques, meditations, prayers, poems, and the detailed description of the DNA Activation for “A World in Peace.”

The Appendix guides the reader with opportunities and references that are valuable in furthering the reader’s ongoing pursuits, including contact information.

Complementary to the Hands of Peace Trilogy is a booklet titled “Implementation and Training Manual for ‘A World in Peace’”. It includes the mechanisms for rolling-out the Hands of Peace initiative worldwide, from raising money, training staff, and servicing educational materials.

Hands are gifts to the world. We use our hands to bring you information, to hand-talk, to shake hands, to touch and embrace each other, to clean a tear, to deliver food, to make a bed, to guide you and to generate “A World in Peace.” We use our hands in service for the Highest Good of the World.

Are you ready to step forward, to open your eyes and see the bigger picture? Do you desire to walk through the Gates of Beauty and Peace? If so, then consider yourself as a contributing participant to this book.

Keep in mind that this book was written to serve as a voice for the PEOPLE. As more people become united, change will occur. In that pursuit, the best way to read Hands of Peace is with an open heart and to trust that there are higher powers at work.

In this book, we present an interactive dialogue among four major contributors: the People, the King, the Queen, and the Source, or “God” if you will. It also includes a fifth element—Action-Technique Exercises.

The PEOPLE serve as the Collective Human Consciousness expressed.
The KING serves as the Father- Masculine Consciousness expressed.
The QUEEN serves as the Mother-Feminine Consciousness expressed.
The SOURCE serves as God/Goddess Consciousness expressed.
ACTION-TECHNIQUE EXERCISES serve to help you become makers of your reality. The Action-Techniques include a variety of instructions, suggestions, meditations, and easy to use exercises. Most of the Action-Technique Exercises presented help change the genetic codes in your DNA, stimulating cellular rejuvenation. This complements your intent, imagination and passion for Life. When these exercises are repeated from the heart, the probability of manifesting physical change increases dramatically. Trust that by repeating these techniques you can change your behavior and this can change your environment. Using the Action-Techniques you can co-create the Kingdom of Peace.

Capture what is hidden between the lines of this book. Do not rush through this book. Process it. Feel it. Trust it. Do the same with your Life. Take action, activate your heart and extend your hands. Make “A World in Peace” the greatest of all your goals.

When your have read through Volumes ONE and TWO, then the real test for change and commitment is presented. The DNA Activation for “A World in Peace” is most powerful. It will change your Life and elevate your awareness to new insights for your human-spiritual evolution. Be patient and give it a try.

Now is the time to read and listen to what we all have to say and share. Let the dialogue begin!